You are on the Galigeo downloads' page for our on premise solutions. For new customers, a 30 days trial license is activated at the end of the installation. For those who wants to ugrade an existing version, your license information will be conserved.

Important Notice 29 Sept. 2020:
SAP reported a critical bug affecting Custom Elements. See SAP Note 2966271.
There is a rendering problem with an empty custom element, not showing any content (Galigeo or other) in the following patches releases:

Therefore, to keep using Galigeo properly, we would advise to avoid upgrading to 4.2 SP8 patch 3 to 5 or to SP7 patch 12 and 13.

Important Notice 18 Dec. 2019:
For customers using Galigeo G19.5 or earlier
if you plan to update to SAP BI 4.2 SP7 patch5 or greater
Security rules to access the BOE APIs are continuously reinforced by SAP, which leads to changes starting in 4.2 SP7 patch5 (and actually patch6 and patch7 also). BOE APIs, used by Galigeo eXperience for WebI, are no more available by default from SP7 patch5 and need a specific procedure to get activated.
The procedure is quite simple and does not need Tomcat service to be restarted. The necessary elements and the detailed procedure can be downloaded here.
Nothing changes for BI 4.2 SP7 patch0 to patch4 and previous SPs.

Galigeo G20

What's new in Galigeo G20
Version Date Change log Download Links
G20 SP3 September 2020 Edit 29 September 2020: Galigeo packages updated:
  • Fixed bad character encoding in legend when editing a unique value thematic

Features & Improvements
  • Added option to filter on first value
  • Excel templates can now be downloaded
  • New option to propagate line offsets among classes (thematic wizard)
  • Fixed HTTP 400 when logging with Salesforce
  • List of objects come faster when writing SOSQL queries
  • Improved export of territories (to the catalog or flat files)
  • Fixed encoding when creating layers from the thematic wizard
  • CSV export now takes the locale into account to set decimal separators on numbers
G20 SP2 July 2020 Edit 30 July 2020: Galigeo eXperience for Cognos package updated, taking into account the following Cognos Custom Control specific behavior:
  • Cognos Custom Control sends the map queries in reverse order when Cognos report is multi-pages with a multi-queries Galigeo map at the last page accessed using the "Bottom" report page link.
  • Notice: when using "Page down" link to navigate between report pages, map queries are sent in correct order.

Features & Improvements
  • Adding data to the catalog has been significantly improved and now supports new formats (CSV, XLSX, SHP, GEOJSON)
  • Oauth2 authentication using Salesforce
  • Get your Salesforce data into Galigeo using SOQL queries
  • Filter values are now optionally ordered for each level
Minor changes
  • Improved number formating in infowindows
  • No more timeouts when doing large extractions from a territory
  • Fix labels on layers when fields are renamed
  • Fix error when using georeports with a date field
  • Webi cascading input controls now work as expected with a map
G20 SP1 May 2020 Features & Improvements
  • New catalog:
    • Centralized management for all your data: shapefiles, ArcGIS, database tables
    • Update your database data from Excel/csv files (Galigeo Cloud)
  • Lat/Long mapping: Coordinates Reference System can now be setup per mapper
  • Map sharing enhanced by introducing Groups of users
  • Galigeo Filters can now be easily reordered
  • Territory Manager:
    • Territories can now be modfied directly from the table in edit mode
    • TM projects are now duplicated when copy/paste or SaveAs WebI or Cognos reports
  • Secured ArcGIS MapServices are now supported through ArcGIS App Login token
  • Support of Cognos Analytics 11.1.6 in Galigeo eXperience for Cognos
  • Galigeo API now works with Galigeo Cloud
  • Added JWT authentication with the API
Main Fixes
  • Hidden TM territories are no more selectable
  • Adding administrator users, in Galigeo Manager, according to the license now works as expected
  • Cluster thematics with an offset on symbols are now correctly "spiderized"
  • Zoom on function from selection panel now works as expected
  • Thickness of Flow lines is now correctly propagated in thematic wizard
  • No more invalid polygons in Geojson exported from data panel
  • Fix missing statistics in Galigeo Manager
  • Using Galigeo maps in WebI SaveAs now works as expected
  • Various minor bug fixes and UI improvments
G20 March 2020 Features & Improvements
  • Galigeo Enterprise: brand new portal and administration panel (No more Flex technology !)
  • Tooltips: you can now define a customizable tooltip when hovering any feature on the map
  • Animated flows: you can now animate flow thematics (useful to visualize the flow direction)
  • Reworked annotation system:
    • You can now create annotations directly from the layer panel
    • Each annotation can now be shown or hidden independently from the others
    • You can combine a shape and a text in the same annotation
    • The previous annotation panel has been removed
  • Enhanced security for Map Services exposed by Galigeo
  • Add your own logo in the loading screen
  • Pass any values coming from the map in custom URLs
  • Support of SAP BI 4.2 SP8 in Galigeo eXperience for WebI
  • Support of Cognos Analytics 11.1.5 in Galigeo eXperience for Cognos
  • Support of ArcGIS 10.7
Main Fixes
  • OpenStreetMap basemaps printing:
    • Starting january 2020, the OpenStreetMap Foundation has reinforced security on OpenStreetMaps servers in order to limit traffic
    • This decision impacts all vendors worldwide (Galigeo included)
    • A special treatment has been set in place within Galigeo products to take this limitation into account
  • Flows thickness defined by an indicator now works as expected
  • Changing data type for a dataset in the Data panel now has immediate effect
  • Various minor bug fixes and UI improvments
  • Cloud: Galigeo technology can now be leveraged in SaaS mode

Galigeo G19.5

What's new in Galigeo G19.5
Version Date Change log Download Links
G19.5 SP3 Dec. 2019
  • Support of Cognos Analytics 11.1.4 in Galigeo eXperience for Cognos
  • Galigeo API: interaction with selection
Main Fixes:
  • Adding tiled ArcGIS basemaps now works as expected
  • Fixed undesired behaviour when multiple users were modifying the same map at the same time
  • Layers outside the visibility range cannot be selected as expected
  • Point layers coming from PostGIS are now displayed correctly in heatmap or cluster mode
  • Georeports button is now correctly appearing after a filter has been made in the selection panel
  • Layers made from SQL query can now be removed from the catalog as expected
  • Files exported from the data panel have now the correct file extension
Territory Manager Main Fixes:
  • Selection on a second (or more) level territory now select all data as expected
  • Dataset imported in IE no longer causes an error due to filename being too long
  • Various minor fixes
G19.5 SP2 Oct. 2019 Main Fixes:
  • Thematics are now reordered correctly when there are many of them
  • Points are now clustered as expected when zooming out
  • Points outside of a cluster in clustered layer are now correctly reordered
  • Motion maps based on a database query no more freeze the application
  • Infowindow now opens on linear layers when a polygon layer is also displayed
  • SVG symbol size is now the one expected when printing the map
  • Fixed concurrent writing issue in Galigeo eXperience for WebI
Territory Manager Main Fixes:
  • A project in view mode only cannot be deleted by a lower security level user
  • A project saved using "save as" now appears in the project list for users that have the right to see it
  • When visualizing a project, the column containing territory names is now wider
  • A view only project saved by a designer as public can now be modified by the same designer
  • Fixed behaviour when saving a new project was triggering a message telling the project already exists, while it was not
Known Issues
  • If a layer in Cluster mode is switched to Normal mode (and vice-versa), it's not possible to filter it from the legend
G19.5 SP1 Sept. 2019 New:
  • Support of Cognos Analytics 11.1.1, 11.1.2 and 11.1.3 in Galigeo eXperience for Cognos
  • User management improvement in Galigeo eXperience for Cognos
Main Fixes:
  • Map to BI 4.2 for WebI - Use Input Control from Group in Map To BI setup
  • Territory Manager - Various fixes and improvements
G19.5 July 2019 Features & Improvements
  • Configure interactions between a Galigeo map and any other components of the report (bidirectionality) - Works with SAP BI 4.2 and IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Filter and extract any data using the Smart Query Builder
  • Use a layer as a mask to crop the map - works in print mode as well
  • Import vector symbols in SVG format
  • Renewed vector symbol list by default
  • Improved viewer technology to show more data faster and enhance overall application performance
  • Improved clustering algorithm to be faster in processing data
  • Improved role management : Create custom roles in Galigeo Manager
  • Improved SQL Query Builder (in the Configuration panel)
  • Distance and areas measurement (in the Annotation panel)
  • Import shapefile in self-service mode (available with the Data Import module)
  • Import shapefile directly by uploading the .zip file
  • Territory Manager: share a project in read-only mode
  • Specify the minimum number of objects for activating the generalization (in the Configuration panel)
  • Export the result of a selection in XLSX or Shapefile format
  • Better handling of labels to avoid visual collision
  • Support of deployment in Tomcat 9 and Java 8
  • When switching to custom infowindow, it keeps the style of default infowindow
  • Mixing default and custom symbols in a range of color thematics now show classes in the legend in the right order
  • The KPI used to make the thickness of a flow to vary is now corectly handled
  • The "chart" icon in the selection table has been removed, thus the chart is not accessible anymore
  • Creating a thematic that relies on an Excel file now relies on quantiles classification instead of manual
Known Limitations
  • If a layer is out of zoom range when visualizing territories in the Territory Manager, the switch button associated to this layer won't be disabled as it should

Galigeo G19

What's new in Galigeo G19
Version Date Change log  
G19.0 SP2 April 2019 Edit 14 Jun. 2019:
  • Fixed bad encoding of BI dimensions with special characters in Galigeo eXperience
  • Fixed instability of roles assigned to users in Galigeo Manager

  • Official support of BI 4.2 SP7 in Galigeo eXperience for WebI

Main Fixes:
  • Layer Panel - State of groups order is correctly saved if a group name contains special characters
  • Layer Panel - Deleting a layer based on ESRI does not trigger an error
  • Thematic wizard - Creating a thematic based on a calculated field works as expected
  • Configuration Page - Managing isochrone thresholds does not lead to an error page after saving
  • Galigeo Manager / Transport Tool - No more weird log message after successful documents import
  • Territory Manager - Various fixes and improvements
  • Internationalization - Typo and translations fixes

Important notice:
  • Since 2019/04/16, a third-party vendor (ESRI ArcGIS Online) from which Galigeo is using services internally for isochrony, does not support TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.0 and 1.1 anymore.
  • In order to keep on using isochrony in Galigeo and if you use JAVA 7, you will need to either install TLS 1.2 on JAVA 7 or update to JAVA 8.
G19.0 SP1 March 2019 New:
  • Galigeo products now in German ! (doc in English)

Main Fixes:
  • Galigeo Manager - Unable to access to Galigeo Manager with IE 11
  • Territory Manager - Dysfunction with Drive time calculation in Territory Manager extension
  • Legend/Search/Motion - Widgets Legend/Search/Motion map were systematically unfold when displaying Infowindow
  • Selection – An unsuitable error message was displayed when no object found in the selection area
  • Thematic Wizard – The preview of flows did not reflect the actual thickness
  • Thematic Wizard – Max size of Pie Charts displayed on the slider incorrect when editing the thematic
  • Annotations – Unable to change the color of annotations
  • Esri ArcGIS Server – Mapservice with advanced edition properties were not well supported
G19.0 Feb. 2019 Features & Improvements
  • Filters available for all versions
  • Theme Manager: Customize Galigeo UI
  • Map Manager: New catalog with a lot of new features
  • Map authors can access the catalog
  • Dynamic Segmentation (available as an option)
  • New territory management UX
  • Automatic multi-levels generations for territories
  • Undo/redo in territory design mode
  • WMS layers are operational layers
  • Infowindow supported for operational layers
  • Improved performances (faster map loading, ...)
  • Annotations are now private by default
  • XLSX format available for export
  • Panels opened/collapsed/closed are saved with the view
  • Aggregation by count distinct
  • Simplification of the data panel
  • Thematic layers based on two indicators (beta)
  • Better node synchronization in cluster deployments
  • Custom thumbnails in the Galigeo Enterprise portal
  • German translation of the product (coming soon)
Known Limitations
  • Graphical bugs sometimes happening on Chrome v72 when too many WMS layers are active
  • If a layer is out of zoom range when visualizing territories in the Territory Manager, the switch button associated to this layer won't be disabled as it should

Galigeo G18

What's new in Galigeo G18
Version Date Change log  
G18 SP5 12 Nov. 2018
  • Improved performances on layer projections/extractions
  • Imported data and territory projects are private by default
  • User roles enhancements
  • Better labels placement
  • Better management of georeports list
  • Better support for Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY
  • XLSX format supported with georeports in Galigeo Enterprise
  • Fixed invalid zip files on Linux Servers (shape export for example)
  • Fixed date prompts transmission to georeports in Galigeo eXperience for WebI
  • And other bug fix
G18 SP4 02 Aug. 2018
  • Enhanced support for spatial queries
  • Selected legend classes are now printable
  • Simplified georeports in Galigeo Enterprise
  • URLs from catalog are editable
  • Fixed join with shape files on integer attributes
  • Fixed fresh install issue from SP3
  • Blank basemap
  • Data can be re-assigned (ex change fields order) in eXperience
  • CSV export with multi-lines attributes supported
  • BI 4.2 SP6 supported in eXperience
  • Edit 08/08/2018: package updated to disable pagination with Arcgis Server
G18 SP3 16 Jun. 2018
  • The Galigeo API is released
  • New layers available from the catalog
  • New extension for linear referencing
  • Performance improvements
G18 SP2 15 May 2018
  • Memory improvements
  • New hierarchical filters
G18 SP1 16 Mar. 2018
  • Territory management enhancements
  • Cognos Analytics 11 supported
  • Arcgis 10.6 supported
G18.0 20 Feb. 2018
  • Brand new territory management module (extension)
  • New customizable infowindow
  • OGC WFS supported
  • Save view by user

Application requirements

Component Requirements
Application Server Apache Tomcat versions 8, 8.5 or 9
Java Java 8. At least 1Go os Xmx is necessary. Depending on the usage, we usually advise to allocate 2Go or 3 Go of Xmx
Disk At least 500 Mo of free disk space
Browser IE 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox
Supported 3rd parties Arcgis Server (up to 10.7), WMS, WMTS, Databases (Oracle spatial, Postgres/Postgis), Files (Esri shape files, geojson, CSV, Excel). See the documentation to check the supported versions.
Native connectors SAP BI up to version 4.2 SP8, Cognos Analytics up to 11.1.6

Product documentation

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