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What's new in Galigeo G18.0
Version Date Change log Download Links
G18 SP5 12 Nov. 2018
  • Improved performances on layer projections/extractions
  • Imported data and territory projects are private by default
  • User roles enhancements
  • Better labels placement
  • Better management of georeports list
  • Better support for Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY
  • XLSX format supported with georeports in Galigeo Enterprise
  • Fixed invalid zip files on Linux Servers (shape export for example)
  • Fixed date prompts transmission to georeports in Galigeo eXperience for WebI
  • And other bug fix
G18 SP4 02 Aug. 2018
  • Enhanced support for spatial queries
  • Selected legend classes are now printable
  • Simplified georeports in Galigeo Enterprise
  • URLs from catalog are editable
  • Fixed join with shape files on integer attributes
  • Fixed fresh install issue from SP3
  • Blank basemap
  • Data can be re-assigned (ex change fields order) in eXperience
  • CSV export with multi-lines attributes supported
  • BI 4.2 SP6 supported in eXperience
  • Edit 08/08/2018: package updated to disable pagination with Arcgis Server
G18 SP3 16 Jun. 2018
  • The Galigeo API is released
  • New layers available from the catalog
  • New extension for linear referencing
  • Performance improvements
G18 SP2 15 May 2018
  • Memory improvements
  • New hierarchical filters
G18 SP1 16 Mar. 2018
  • Territory management enhancements
  • Cognos Analytics 11 supported
  • Arcgis 10.6 supported
G18.0 20 Feb. 2018
  • Brand new territory management module (extension)
  • New customizable infowindow
  • OGC WFS supported
  • Save view by user

Application requirements

Component Requirements
Application Server Apache Tomcat versions 7, 8 or 8.5
Java Java 7 or Java 8. At least 1Go os Xmx is necessary. Depending on the usage, we usually advise to allocate 2Go or 3 Go of Xmx
Disk At least 500 Mo of free disk space
Browser IE 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox
Supported 3rd parties Arcgis Server (up to 10.6), WMS, WMTS, Databases (Oracle spatial, Postgres/Postgis), Files (Esri shape files, geojson, CSV, Excel). See the documentation to check the supported versions.
Native connectors SAP BI up to version 4.2 SP6, Cognos Analytics 11

Product documentation

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